Monocrown Removable Flash Bridle

  • $65.00
  • Save $60

This is an excellent training bridle. This bridle has the ability to have a flash or for the flash to be removed without leaving an unsightly flap in the middle of the noseband. The entire flash piece and keeper can be removed from the noseband and easily replaced. There is a convenient space in the noseband leather to allow for this design. 


- removeable flash, maximum flexibility of style

- monocrown with ear cut backs for added comfort and even poll pressure 

- traditional buckle noseband, non crank noseband style 

- available in black and brown leather 

- leather reins with even spaced stoppers to help improve grip 



Available in cob, horse and warmblood size 

 Please NOTE: in Warmblood size we are sold out of the single row bling browbands  only 5row bling browbands or various other bling brow bands are available. Please email us to specify which bling brow band you would like if you select Warmblood sizing. Thank you!!

Horse Size Measurements:

Browband: 16.5"

Noseband circumference: 23.3-27.25” buckled up. Noseband laying flat end to end is 29.5”

Crown piece: with bit hangers measures 37-44” on shortest to longest holes. Crown piece directly behind ears with anatomical shape is 12” long

Warmblood Size Measurements:

Browband: 18"

Noseband circumference: 24.3-29” buckled up. Noseband laying flat end to end is 31"

Crown piece: with bit hangers measures 40-49" shortest to longest holes. 

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