Havana Monocrown Dressage Bridle

  • $85.00
  • Save $65

This monocrown bridle is well padded, ultra soft leather and classy. The padding complements the havana leather with dark brown leather under the nose band and crown piece. The bling brow band is ultra sparkly and in a wave design to compliment your horses face. 


-monocrown and ear cut outs

- crank style noseband 

- bling brow band with ultimate sparkles to bring out your horses best features

- webbed reins included 



available in warmblood size

sold out of horse and cob size


Warmblood size measurements:

Noseband: 28-31” circumference, the distance between the noseband cheek pieces is 19 1/3”

Crown piece: 31” from end to end, with the bit hangers attached it will fit between 38-50” from one side of the bit to the other bit over the crown piece. 12 1/2” along the crown piece with anatomical cut outs for ear space.

17” browband 

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